May 25, 2022

Filled with passages of fiery sex

After the undisputed success of Fifty Shades of Gray, by the British EL James, all eyes turned to erotic literature aimed at women. Classics won new editions and several titles began to gain space in bookstores. These books, usually written by women, tell varied stories in the most different styles, but have the same objective: to entertain and excite readers.

and seductive and mysterious characters, erotic books are a great source of inspiration for you to put your creativity at the service of your pleasure, alone or accompanied. Check out a selection of 20 works that will warm up the climate in your bed: Erotic books can sharpen your creativity and improve your sex lifeErotic books can sharpen your creativity and improve your sex life

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to make the oven shiny for more timeVegetable pie: 9 recipes with ingredients you have in the fridgeLearn 9 sympathies with honey to conquer everything you want Guardian angel of each sign: know yours and attract protectionExaggerated the drink? 10 tips to resolve the hangover quicklyCheck the July 5 lunar eclipse message for your sign Fifty Shades of Gray

  • Author: EL JamesEditor: IntrinsicFirst book of the triology, the title is already the biggest best seller of recent times. The series chronicles the relationship
  • between the naive student of literature Anastasia Steele and the young businessman Christian Gray. Seduced by
  • the multimillionaire mystery, the protagonist finds herself involved in an unconventional relationship, in which she unveils her own desires and Grey’s dark secrets.

The novel tells a love story full of erotic games and sadomasochistic tones. Fifty Shades DarkerAuthor: EL JamesEditor: Intrinsic Fifty Shades of Gray continues, the book begins with the reunion between the protagonists Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray after a painful separation. Frightened by her partner’s dark secrets, Ana puts an end to the relationship. However, when she meets the entrepreneur, who proposes a new agreement, she cannot resist.

Before long she discovers more about the millionaire dominator’s past and must face an important decision. Fifty Shades of FreedomAuthor: EL JamesEditor: IntrinsicThe book closes the trilogy started with Fifty Shades of Gray. After dealing with the dominant instinct and the strange sexual demands of the entrepreneur Christian Gray, Anastasia Steele demands a deeper commitment from her partner, who,  agrees.

Determined not to lose her again,

Now, the couple who seems to have everything must face new challenges. Ana needs to adjust to Gray’s world of opulence without sacrificing her identity. While he needs to learn to master his controlling impulse and get rid of what has plagued him in the past. Image Editing Course for PhotographersLearn Image Editing for Photographers in this 100% Online Course with Free Certificate.

  • Course Approved by MEC. Learn more! Toda SuaAtriz: Sylvia DayEditora: ParalelaThis is the first volume of the Crossfire series. The novel tells the story of
  • Eva Tramell, a 24-year-old girl who has just got a job at one of the largest advertising agencies in the United States.
  • When visiting the headquarters of her new office, she runs into millionaire Gideon Cross, the sexiest man she has ever seen. The attraction between the two is immediate.

Powerful, controlling and authoritarian, the young businessman does not give up until he takes her to bed. Despite being offended at becoming another acquisition of Cross, Eva cannot resist for long. The relationship is initially based on an intense and explosive sex, capable of taking them to extremes that they had never experienced. However, the couple ends up falling in love and, with the closeness, they will have to deal with scars and demons from the past.

LusturiaAuthentic: Eve BerlinEditor: Paper MoonWhen Dylan Ivory, writer of erotic novels, receives the contact of Alec Walker, no wonder how much this man can mess with his thoughts. Known for being a famous dominator in sadistic and sadomasochistic relationships, Alec tries to convince Dylan that the best way to go deeper is to live an experience as a submissive and feel the sensation of this type of relationship.

The writer does not resist

and starts to get more and more wrapped up in a mixture of pleasure and apprehension. The story of the passion that arises between the couple continues for two more books, still unpublished in Brazil.The Sex Life of Catherine M. Author: Catherine MilletEditor: EdiouroThis shameless memoir of French art critic Catherine Millet describes in detail her busy life sexual. The author tells how, after losing her virginity at the age of 18,

she began to experience “sex for sex”, giving her body to pleasure with different partners, men and women, orgies of more than 100 people, seeking sex in private clubs , roadside and public spaces. Catharine narrates sexual relations as something as natural as breathing.100 Brushed Before Going to BedAuthor: Melissa PanarelloEditor: ObjetivaThe book is a kind of diary that relates, without shame and half words,

  • the precocious and varied sexual experiences lived by a schoolgirl who loses her virginity at 15. From there, Melissa begins to experiment with different sexual practices in an attempt to transcend the body.  Group sex, drugged orgies,
  • sadomasochism, homosexuality, the protagonist is testing her limits and her pleasure without running away from feelings like insecurity, disgust and even
  • humiliation.ButterflyAuthor: Kathryn HarveyEditor:

Universe of books Upstairs in a men’s store, it works the private Butterfly club, in which only the most beautiful and powerful women in Beverly Hills can join. Jessica, part of the group, sighs for the time when men were males and women satisfied their pleasures and wants. Trudie, another member, wants a man who challenges her in every way, and without taboos. Linda wears masks while fulfilling the desires she hides from herself. Each brings its erotic fantasy, but the most mysterious of all is the one that created the club.

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