January 27, 2022

High power of seduction

The story of the book revolves around Dominique Thoen, a confident, ambitious woman with a . Of humble origin, she built a successful career as a lawyer. Despite being an excellent professional, Dom is a difficult person to live with, known as “A Megera” in the office where he works.

The book begins with the character’s first person narrative and right away we are introduced to his personality and to his co-worker Gregory Holt who is saying goodbye, as he will move to another city. Gregory in addition to Dom’s co-worker, it is also its neighbor and its total opposite. Dominique’s carelessness puts her in Greg’s hands and she will have to spend 4 weeks in her new home helping him move and living with his new neighborhood.

Good and bad on purpose.

She seemed to be unintentionally  Either way, good or bad, she was stubborn and smart, my little plan would undoubtedly throw all her fury at me. 23The neighborhood is very nice and Dom finds himself lost among them, having to take care of a change, a Labrador (she doesn’t deal well with animals), fighting an attraction for Holt and also his conscience.

Even without wanting to, she ends up getting involved in the lives of the neighbors and with each chapter we get to know her a little more and even having fun with her idle way of being. Yes, she ends up conquering us too, as well as Greg and the whole neighborhood. For those who like a hot romance, this is a really great indication. The author uses and abuses eroticism and sensuality.

  • With intelligent and fun dialogues, plans to help the neighbors, reading is certainly not just sex and this is what most attracted me to Julianna Costa’s
  • books. A light and fun reading. There were good people in the world. People who simply did something for others. That was a concept that I still had a hard
  • time understanding. ” Pág .: 128 I don’t want to dwell too much on the plot,

so as not to spoil the surprise, but the book is almost 500 pages long, I read it in less than two days and recommend reading it. At each end of the chapter you need to know what will happen. It’s almost impossible to drop the book. I liked the layout, I didn’t notice Portuguese errors, yellow pages and the best: each chapter starts with an excerpt from E o Vento Levou, which matches the chapter.

The book is a great choice

with characters well built and an engaging plot. I really missed it when it was over.LITERATURESez erotic books written by Brazilian womenWith a mixture of romance, drama, suspense and other aspects, erotic books written by women show the breaking of paradigms with spicy scenes.Karol Amaral and Vanessa Brunt, from Não Óbvio01 / 07 / 2019 at 4:44 pm – Updated on 7/1/2019 at 4:45 pm.

  • For readers, some books can bring warmth to your skin and heart. Recommended for any season, erotic literature has gained a loyal following,
  • especially after the ELJames series Fifty Shades of Gray, which matures in the
  • last book in the saga. But this literature is not only subject to bestsellers or authors renowned. The market for erotic books in Brazil is gradually gaining prominence – above all, with plots written by women.

For a long time in history, several voices have been silenced, hidden and even used with male pseudonyms. Female voices that had to leave the prison of exclusively male representations and create their literary images, breaking taboos. Check the indications of erotic books not obvious by Brazilian women who can not miss on the bookcase, headboard or even purse, to read on gaps in the early hours or when more is desired.

Redemption and Desire | by Ariela Pereira FOR OVER 18 YEARS author Ariela Pereira de Tocantinópolis, in Tocantis, has a degree in Pedagogy. With a real passion for literature, she is the author of several literary works. Among them, the book Redemption and Desire, which has already occupied 19th place ahead of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, on Amazon. Despite being part of a duology, the book

Redemption and Desire can be read individually.

In this e-book, businessman Lowell Dixon, used to having everything in his hands, stays in a hotel on the side of the road to wait for the storm to pass. Where he is genuinely attracted to Madison, one of the employees. After working hard to have Madison in their bed, the two discover that they are nothing but old acquaintances. The employee’s mother worked at the businessman’s house and was unfairly fired because of Lowell, which ruined the life of Madison and her mother.

  • high power of seduction“He was tall -very tall- he had broad shoulders and narrow hips and he owned a beauty rustic, wild. He exuded a raw, virile masculinity, capable of tampering with the
  • hormones of any woman with blood in his veins, and had tampered with mine, so fervently that I would have given myself up easily if he had tried to get me into
  • bed. In fact, I wanted him to try, I wanted so much that I considered making the proposal, I just didn’t do it because I wasn’t a woman to offer myself to a man.

”Excerpt from Redemption and Desire, by Ariela PereiraBut, fate would change the order of things until Lowell suddenly appeared on Madison’s path with the intention of helping her. For this, the young woman needs to quell the anger she still feels for this man, and in return the uncontrollable desire that he exerts over her. This is where character discussions take place while the idea of ​​not judging the book by its cover also mixes.

Edward is the second book by the duology Brother Dixon. Therefore, the continuation of the book Redemption and Desire. But it can also be read individually. ☌ Where to buy: Amazon website ☌ Format: kindle e-book ☌ Price: R $ 8.90 ☌ Year of launch: 2018 ☌ Publisher: Independente ☌ Pages: 3192. Pre-nuptial agreement | by Ane Pimentel Under the pseudonym of Ane Pimentel,


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