May 25, 2022

“I use women as a potty in bed”

When, in Justine, Roland jokes: , Sade exposes the unconscious of some individuals in real life. He was the only author who managed to create the absolute zero of love, which gives him an irreplaceable position in the philosophy of eroticism. After reading it, it will be necessary for each one to recompose to himself, with greater foresight, the intimate values ​​he radically destroyed.

VIRTUDEm Justine, the most important novel by Sade (whose first version dates from the time when she suffers from the eyes and regrets as much as possible from the shame of jailers), the virtuous heroine is raped, harassed, debased, imprisoned on false charges and, finally, mistreated by the whole society. Sade is a tough fighter and brutally rips his mask of hypocrisy from human evil.

Venus of the Skins

(Venus Punisher), by Leopold von Sacher-MasochBook VENUS OF THE SKINS Venus of the Skins, written in 1870 by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, it is the debut book of the Erótica series launched by Editora Hedra, and whose objective is to consolidate a catalog of erotic and pornographic literature in Portuguese that is still little known to the Brazilian public.

  • The new series aims to bring together different genres of prose, poetry, memories and stories that
  • portray a wide panorama of world erotic literature.Three Daughters of the Mother, Pierre LouÿsTHREE
  • DAUGHTERS OF THE MAETThree daughters of the mother is a classic that tells the sexual adventures of a young man who is simultaneously involved with a prostitute and her daughters;

In this troubled and spicy relationship, Louÿs explores, among other amorous facets, lesbianism and interspecies sex. Although some episodes, reported by the female characters, develop parallel to the main story, which takes place in a room, everything in them is sex, with no break in tone in the work. Baudelaire once stated that “sin is monotonous”, but that phrase certainly does not apply to this book by Pierre Louÿs,

in which the reader will find the most diverse sexual and psychological behaviors.History of the Eye, by Georges BatailleBOOK HISTORY OF THE EYE Published in 1928 under the pseudonym of Lord Auch, the book follows the sexual adventures of the young narrator and his friend Simone. Imbued with the atmosphere of French surrealism, of which Bataille himself became part,

The story suspends the interdiction

of the adult universe from the horizon of the characters and provides young people with a journey of extravagances involving sadism, orgies, torture and madness, culminating in a act of transgression.Tropic of Cancer, by Henry MüllerTROPICO DE CANCER – 3rd ED. (2017) – Henry Miller – Book ‘Tropic of Cancer’ brings an autobiographical and idiosyncratic account of Miller, who arrives in Paris after abandoning a ruined and a stagnant career.

Even without a penny in his pocket, Henry Miller is introduced to French bohemia and rediscovers his own talent in days and nights of endless freedom and joy.The Story of O, by Pauline Réage Review: The Story of O «“ Story of O ”is a classic of sadomasochism. A young woman, known as O, is sexually tortured to obey her lover, who says he loves her as much as she loves him.

O loves suffering. It blooms like a woman. If you have any social experience, it is easy to see that a good part of the affective relationships between people has strong masochistic components, which are generally denied by the lip service participants.  On the first page, the reader feels hooked.

Reage’s touch is magical.

Delta de Venus, by Anais NinDELTA OF VENUS – Anais Nin – LivroProstitutas that satisfy the strangest desires of their clients. Women who venture out with strangers to discover their own sexuality. Love triangles and orgies. Models and artists involved in a mix of cult of sex and beauty. Eccentric aristocrats and men who drive women crazy. These are some of the characters that inhabit the – erotic – tales of Delta de Venus, by Anaïs Nin.

  • Written in the early 1940s by a mysterious client, these stories take place in a decadent European-aristocratic world, in which the beliefs of some characters are corrupted by
  • new sexual and emotional experiences. A disciple of Freud’s discoveries, Anaïs Nin applied in these texts the delicacy of style that
  • was characteristic of her and the sexual poignancy she experienced in her own life. More than erotic tales,

Delta of Venus offers the reader stories of liberation and overcoming. Anne Rice’s Desires for Sleeping Beauty (Trilogy) In the traditional version of Sleeping Beauty, immortalized by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, the spell that falls on the beautiful and young princess can only be broken by the kiss of a prince. Under the pseudonym of AN Roquelaure,

Anne Rice reimagines Bela’s story and exposes all the subjectivity of this tale that populates the collective imagination, exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire. Here, the prince awakens Bela not with a kiss, but with sexual initiation. His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Bela’s total and complete slavery to his pleasure.

The heroine is taken to the prince’s castle where she will have to undergo unimaginable trials as proof of her dedication and dedication.4 Weeks of Pleasure – Review I have not always been in the habit of erotic reading, but I have developed a passion for national books and have been trying read of all genres. After reading books like 50 Shades of Gray and Toda Sua I opened my mind to this type of reading and also went after nationals of the same genre. 4 Weeks of Pleasure was not my first choice, but it became one of my favorites and the author too.

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