May 25, 2022

My friends say that I am the expert in hot,

and I have to confess that I am really close to these hot lines. But I also read many other things and so the idea of ​​creating this column. But, let’s get to it, because I have 5 wonderful books to indicate. Everyone sitting and ready? – Amos and Dungeons – Leni Valenti (Editora Universo dos Livros) Buy here

Forget everything you’ve learned from Christian Gray or Anastasia and indulge in the pleasures with Lion and Cleo on a trip to the world of BDSM. But do not think that the book speaks only of that. Here we have a plot that involves human trafficking, murders and a sexual game inspired by the RPG adventures with touches of Dragon’s Cave (yes, the drawing from the 80s). Cleo is a member of the police force in New Orleans and his sister disappeared during a dangerous investigation.

Our heroine is fearless,

attractive and super empowered and, best of all, she knows it. When she is assigned to investigate the case directly linked to the disappearance of her sister, she finds herself staring at her childhood love, Lion, who is now her partner on this journey. To infiltrate this world of sexual desires, sodomies and domination she needs to surrender. Lion as if he were submissive, while fighting his real feelings.-

  • Mister O – Lauren Blakely (Faro Editorial) Buy here -Hammer is all good. Smart, handsome, nerdy and successful. If you have read Big
  • Rock you will certainly remember him playing in the park with Spencer and his sister. And in Mister
  • O he is the star of the season. Our hero is on a mission to help his friend Harper, Spencer’s sister, to unlock his tongue and be more resourceful in the love field.

But this makes him realize that he is very fond of her, and that this help that is giving the young lady will actually end his peace and quiet. And Mister O means Lord Orgasm, because Nick created a super hero that figures in comic strips and a TV series, the Mister O, dedicated to providing wonderful orgasms to the women of the world. Fantastic!

Your Secretary – Melanie Marchande – (Editorial Chalk) Buy here -Meghan is the secretary of the most rude, rude and clueless man on the face of the Earth. Okay, he’s beautiful and sexy, but still she hates every minute of her work but … she needs him. To distract herself, she reads many hot novels and ends up corresponding with one of her favorite authors, Natalie McBride,

Sharing secrets and often talking about her boss.

To her surprise, Mr. Ryan calls her into his office and asks her to be Natalie McBride at an important event. Meghan’s mouths open when she finds out that Natalie is the pseudonym the boss uses to write all the hot novels she loves so much. Get ready for a lot of emotions during this story. Undoubtedly one of my favorites!

Tales Secretos – Danilo Barbosa (Rico Editorial) Buy here – Danilo presents us with seven tales full of seduction, imagination and a lot of sex. Let go of your prejudices and immerse yourself in the world that it offers you. Be it threesomes, be it a day full of fantasies, a date with a hired killer or simply a day where the husband decides to satisfy his wife’s desire.- O Safado do 105 – Mila Wander (Editora Essência)

  • Buy here –  decides that it is past time to live alone and is all proud of her little house. Until she finds out that her neighbor is a wanton who, every night, takes
  • a different woman home, making her lose sleep listening to the screams of pleasure in the house next door. She decides to join his game, making so many fake noises as possible, and what could make the guy angry just serves to
  • pique your interest.

Lonely, she decides to face the stallion, only to understand that it was the worst thing she could have done … sex soon turns into passion and Raissa … well, she’s on all fours for Calvin. this book is a Brazilian phenomenon on the digital platform Wattpad, with more than 4 million readings, a work in which eroticism and romanticism are two good neighbors.

[REVIEW] WELL DEEP – PORTIA DA COSTA 42 COMMENTS Synopsis: One of Gwendolyne’s tasks is to empty all the library’s suggestions box every day. One day, Gwen finds a letter addressed to her, and it is an indecent proposal. A mysterious man begins to send him correspondence to lose his head and it is clear that he does not want to be alone in the conversation!

His ideas are shocking

but they excite Gwen. While her imagination is racing, she still needs to deal with Professor Daniel, who is doing a temporary search in the library. A spectacular man, in his opinion. Gwen begins to make advances on the teacher inspired by the spectacular letters she receives from the secret admirer.

  • Passionate characters and a surprising ending complete this erotic that takes the sleep of even the purest souls. Some
  • involvement goes too far, and it is not possible to escape what is very deep.256 Pages || Skoob || Courtesy Editora Planeta
  • || Compare & Buy || Classification: Well-Deep Erotic Romance lives up to the title received. The author’s narrative is sensual and intense in the extreme,

making it clear that the book does not fit in the class of adult novels, but in that of erotic novels. The difference, however it may seem, is considerable. In an adult novel, however much eroticism is present in the plot, sentimentalism speaks louder and at some point ends up becoming the center of the story. In erotic romances, love can become a consequence of the passion described, however the story always walks through the plots of carnal desire, leading its characters to experience their deepest sexual desires and fantasies.

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