May 25, 2022

Nana Pauvolih’s erotic literature

Book Review: Writing about sex is still a big challenge for most writers who immerse themselves in this universe. It is necessary to face the fierce pulse of criticism, the risk of the beating of moralism that is out there and masterfully meet the challenge of making the act fascinating and exciting with the reading of a few words.

On the ride of contemporary erotic literature, many writers were driven by the overwhelming success of Fifty Shades of Gray and took the opportunity to create their own stories. The biggest parte of these new authors are, in fact, authors who saw an opportunity to ask for prudish descriptions about love and show how

Women think and act naughty.

his subsequent copy portrays not Arthur’s romantic and sexual misadventures, but his friend Matheus. In the first book, by the way, we can see that the three friends – Arthur, Matheus and Antônio – have known each other for years and joined forces to become partners in a nightclub focused on couples, group sex, threesomes and various games of BDSM.

Among them, in addition to EL James herself, stand out names such as Sylvia Day, Eve Berlin, Jamie Mcguire and many others. In Brazil, the scenario is a little more discreet than in Europe and the United States. However, this does not prevent new authors from taking risks in the modality and publishing their spicy writings, as did Rio de Janeiro’s Nana Pauvolih.

  • It is, by the way, the main focus of this post.The author from Rio de Janeiro Nana_Pauvolih, a former history teacher who was successful at Amazon | Credit:
  • Rafaela da Gama / DisclosureCarioca author Nana Pauvolih, former history teacher who was successful at Amazon |
  • Credit: Rafaela da Gama / DivulgationNana has been writing for over twenty years, but only started publishing her works in 2012 (before that, she served as a history teacher).

With their publications supported by the paying audience of Amazon, their characters’ spicy accounts were gaining form and popularity in the imagination of their readers – and what was supposed to be an erotic book turned into a trilogy and raised her to the position of principal name behind the contemporary genre in the country. The narrative is light, but at times comes up against unjustified plots and dubious decisions on the part of his characters.

Starting with the first book of the Redemption trilogy, entitled Redemption of a Caffeine, the primary focus here is to show a main character, Arthur, macho and macho, who judges women for sexual behavior and uses them as a disposal, as someone who, after all, has (how many times have we heard this formula before?).

Salvation when he finds love

Self-confident, especially with his well-described appearance (a handsome, athletic-looking brunette, after all) and his position (he is editor-in-chief of a men’s magazine that publishes essays for naked women), he is charmed by the sister of one of his bed partners and ends up getting emotionally involved with her. In the beginning, some details of the plot call my attention and have

  • already made me worried, mainly because the narrator herself seems to make a judgment about the character’s sexually shameless character. The impression that is
  • given is that, although its character is doubtful, the biggest punishment in the game of interest “hot woman wants rich hot
  • man” will, guess who,

Credit: the first book, the bug catches the prologue the initial shock has passed, where the character who gets involved with the handsome is raped in an episode in which this type of violence looks more like a punitive act for the woman’s behavior and which is sadly little explored in her conflicts, Arthur meets Maiana, the girl’s sister.

Of simple and humble origin, she works in an office and pays the expenses of the house where she lives with her mother and sister (seen as two crazy caretakers), in addition to studying history and dreaming of a teaching career. Tall, thin and blond with clear eyes, she ends up attracting the boy’s attention, who does everything to get her to bed. And when it does, it is a God to help us:

The spicy narratives

are loaded with entries that look more like pimples than exciting, and the fact that the character is unfaithful ends up irritating until the last power. Rather than cheering for his “redemption” as a person who has a way in life, the only thing I wanted was for the scam to end on its own and bankrupt. But as this type of literature still sells,

  • it is clear that he ends up regretting the antics and finds a good outcome. It is important to note, however, that the Puritanism ofMaiana borders on despair,
  • to the point that there is a certain passage in which she claims that taking the morning after pill as a method of
  • preventing an unwanted pregnancy is abortion

which made me extremely thoughtful about this also being the possible point of view of the writer and that worries me a lot, given the potential for fame and influence that she conquers with each passing day. Credit: Camila Cordeiro / UnsplashHe, athletic brunette. She, blondie | Credit: Camila Cordeiro / UnsplashThe second book in the trilogy, Redemption and Submission,

was what I found most interesting in terms of reading sex and stimulating the imagination, in addition to presenting interesting conflicts about each of the characters. As the first book was not programmed to conceive sequels, but arose from the curiosity of readers to know what happens to the other characters,

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