May 25, 2022

Personification of freedom

a pair of authors from Aracajú, in Sergipe, they decided to put some ideas on paper, and since then, they found themselves passionate about writing. With 12 published books, they have already become best-seller authors on Amazon Brazil. Pre-Nuptial Agreement tells the story of Alexandre and Gabriela. Alê, a convinced bachelor. Gabi, . When they meet,

Gabriela decides to put the cards on the table and clarify that she doesn’t want to compromise. Satisfied and without hiding his aversion to weddings, Aleandre accepts without much challenge. “I think a massage can help you,” the female voice whispered in my ear, as her hands traced a slow path through the muscles of my belly until she reached on my erection.

She was skilled with her hands.

I closed my eyes, ready to indulge in another round of pleasure, when my cell phone rang. ”Excerpt from Pre-Nuptial Agreement, by Ane Pimentel. But the plot changes when Alexandre’s parents decide to condition the inheritance to a grandson, fruit of marriage.For that, he needed to get married. On the other side of the story, Gabriela.

  • Rich and well resolved, why would you accept a marriage proposal? Question answered in the spicy pages
  • of the Pre-Nuptial Agreement e-book. Where not only do they get married, but Alexander loses his beloved’s
  • trust and is willing to win her back in every way. ☌ Check out the booktrailer and add to your list: ☌ Initially the Pre-Nuptial Agreement e-book is a Spin-Off of the series Os Albuquerques,

by Ane Pimentel. But it is not necessary to read the series to understand this book. ☌ Where to buy: Amazon website ☌ Format: kindle e-book ☌ Price: R $ 11.89 ☌ Year of launch: 2018 ☌ Publisher: Independente ☌ Pages: 5793. Erotikós | by Luciana Fauber Writer and reviewer, Bachelor of Arts, initially had her book released in digital format through Amazon. Lu Fauber, author of the book Erotikós, had the encouragement of his friend Alice,

who formatted the book and was also responsible for the first cover. This year 2019 was released in physical format by Editora Vecchio.In a synopsis, the author describes the book as an act of rebellion and discovery, which through soft and poetic language goes from the first drop of sweat to the meeting of two bodies . And even more, Erotikós is born in an attempt to answer the question: “Who are you when the soul trembles and the heart beats faster?”

Takes your breath away

“Lu Fauber with the passing of the pages, and you need to have a lot of self-control so you don’t let the words warm your heart, as well as other things “, says reader Cassita, in an Instagram review. The book Erotikós, with 40 poems, details hot scenes and fetishes of the lyrical self. By mixing hot writing with emotions and feelings , the author resulted in these poems:

“I am between you and the wall. My hands are flat on yours, the steam rising from the floor, my mouth trying to reach yours. The water running through us, between us, inside us. behind your back, walking any unplanned path. My chest against your back, sliding. Teasing. My hands firm around you. Sweat, water and steam. “Excerpt from the book Erotikós, by Luciana Fauber.

  • ☌ Where to buy: through Instagram of the author ☌ Format: physical version ca ☌ Price: R $ 25 ☌ Year of release: 2019 ☌ Publisher: Editora Vecchio ☌ Pages:
  • 514. Dono de Mim | by Katherine Laccom’t FOR OVER 18 YEARS OLDKatherine, born in Paraná, but resident in the interior of São Paulo, was a housewife when
  • she decided to write her first book in 2015.

Since then she has written ten works, all with independent publication. it is a love story that is born in the pursuit of pleasure. Manuela, strong and independent woman. Rodrigo, the most coveted and successful bachelor in the country. Opposite paths that intersect. Ambitious, Rodrigo is not interested in anything more than his own greed. Although all women are at his disposal,

Manuela crosses Rodrigo’s path to drive him crazy.

She accepts to be submissive in sexual relations at times, but does not believe in the expression Dono de Mim. On the other hand, he is dominant of BDSM (acronym for the expression “bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism“) and he does not give up being called Owner. “Look, look, another fan of Senhor Fonete?

  • – a seductive voice from hell interrupts me and that urge to infuriate her whenever I can comes back. I look at her and answer: – Another one of many that I have – I
  • approach her, put a lock of her hair behind her ear and speak in her ear: You have no idea of ​​my ability to seduce, Manuela. What you saw was just a
  • taste of what I can do with a woman. – Very modest – she scoffs (…) I pass my hand on the back of the neck and pull it close to me. Manuela comes without any effort.

It seems that, in the end, I ended up winning on your plaything, right? – Good evening, Miss Vasconcelos. See you tomorrow – I leave without giving her the opportunity to respond. I breathe feeling victorious. – May the games begin! ”Prologue to the book Dono de Mim, by Katherine Laccom’tBut between passion and the discussion of issues such as submission,

a strong feeling is born in this relationship, which initially would only be pleasure: love. Between games of seduction, someone will have to give in. In this book the author discusses rituals, such as the leash ceremony, commitment to BDSM. And also contract with pre-established clauses between dominator and submissive.

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