May 25, 2022

Reveal your sumptuous curves,

I would like to  kiss and caress you with my tongue until I leave you in a state where I can’t stay still. I want to suck you until you squeak, arch your body and come. Come for me. ”As characteristic of a romantic novel, right in the first pages of the book we are introduced and surrounded by the force of Gwendolynne’s desire.

Upon receiving the letter from the stranger who calls himself Nemesis, his body wakes up, abandoning the reservations of a wedding that it worked and yearning for a new, risky and liberating life. Such a stranger, in words, describes Gwen’s forgotten desires, who even reluctantly dive into this game, living in a world of fantasy and pleasure. However, words are not enough to cure her desires, she needs a flesh-and-blood man, and when she realizes this,

A third person comes along

teacher Daniel, a writer / celebrity who is doing research in the library in which Gwen works. I really liked the strength of Miss. Price, although many times she thinks she is a little crazy, she really gives in to her desires, regardless of location and situation (- Tell me, who in their right mind plays in a public place?).

  • How could a stranger know so much about her? How had he been able to notice his clothes, habits and routine and still remain anonymous? What’s
  • more, even when she should be afraid of him, why do you continue to feel a growing desire to immerse yourself in
  • this game of pleasure and anonymity? “I’m watching you, Miss Gwendolynne Price, did you know that?

Every day I watch you in the library. Every day I want to reach out and touch you. (…). For this reason, I confess that the quote on the cover comparing the work with the CinquentaTons series prepared me for a totally different story than the one presented here. In fact, the works are similar in some aspects (sexual fantasies, carnal desire, relationships of domination, etc.),

however, while Fifty Shades is a story of desire and passion narrated by the naive Anastasia Steele, Bem Profundo is a naliberation dive into sensuality and of the libido of our “experienced” protagonist, who is not looking for a fairy tale, but for a reunion with her femininity and her most sincere desires (even if she has not yet been sedated by it).

Gwendolynne Price is a newly librarian

– separated in her thirties, owner of a curvaceous body that escapes the social standards of beauty that are fixed between sizes 36 and 38, and who is confronted by her darkest desires when she receives an anonymous letter full of desensuality and carnal promises. As we well know, words can carry an infinite load of feelings and this first letter scares, frightens and at the same time fills your body with desire.

Daniel, on the other hand, is a charm, the style of man that enchants us without much effort, and Nemesis is definitely an unknown, the central point of the narrative. With an unusual love triangle, the writer leads the story of a formagostosa, combining fantasy with reality. Nemesis is responsible for the fire that consumes Gwen, but it is Daniel who is close to heal it.

  • United by desire, they surrender in a tangle of mystery, passion and lust. And together, we readers, we are carried on the waves of greed of these characters.
  • The process of liberating Gwen’s desires is one of the highlights of the book, the eroticism of the plot around her, of her yearnings and secrets, so the story
  • follows a course of at least respectable, feminine self-knowledge.

After all, isn’t all this about women’s sexual liberation? From our struggle for the right to be able to follow our desires and impulses without preconceptions? Another point that enchanted me was the funneling of the relationship between Gwene Daniel, there are family and personal secrets of each of them that tend to involve readers in their struggles.

However, the main element of the story is undoubtedly,

curiosity about the true identity of Nemeses. the whole book with suspicion and suspicion, so that this mystery sharpens our curiosity in an incredible way. Not to mention the ambiguity of this relationship, because at the same time that we accept the character and his wave of sensuality, in others we doubt his sanity.

  • However, something as grand as this mystery ended up reaching an overly simplistic, uncertain and details-less
  • ending, a reason that he was afraid of. To be honest, his identity is predictable, but when the writer finally makes it clear (or partially
  • obvious) who is responsible for these letters, we skip a key part of the story of acceptance and understanding.

Now, it is not because the feeling grew and the passion and desire melted that the readers deserved less than a chapter to enjoy this discovery. However, I believe that the author has chosen to follow only the erotic lines, leaving these details parallel to the plot in the background. Another controversial point, which tends to be positive and negative, was the translation and revision of the book.

I liked the fact that publisher did not soften the writing, we have here scenes of sex and with bad slang and no kind of softening in terms of terms, on the other hand I found some typos and concordance in the sentences, something that did not irritate me, because it did not happen often, but it diverted my attention from the narrative when I saw them.

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