May 25, 2022
Sex could resort somewhat to the shameless lyricism

Sex could resort somewhat to the shameless lyricism

The male characters could be less controllers with their partners, both men and women in their books could be less adept at the physical attributes demanded by exhaustion by pornography producers, women should not be so punished (rape as punishment happens bizarrely more than once in their exemplars) and seen as the main villains of problems that concern two people,

and the description o of classic works of the genre (such as The Story of O and The Lover of Lady Chatterley),since the esculacho of the scenes often end up leaving them less interesting and stimulating and more comical. They are books that are distracted by the ease of sere m read, but which are far from worth the great success they have been achieving among Brazilian readers.

It remains to be hoped

that Nana’s next works will drink a little more of the essence of Redemption and Submission and value less the esculacho and the male scam. BOOK SPECIALLY INDICATED FOR those seeking a fun, sensual story with a touch of nerdiness that leaves the narrative even cuter. Ideal for reading when the goal is to embark on a story that holds, captivates and transports the reader to a world full of hot and romantic encounters peppered with references to Harry Potter.

Do you usually watch cartoons? I liked it a lot. Without revealing my age, a fact that is beside the point, I confess that I loved Dragon’s Cave, Care Bears, Bob’s fantastic world and a zillion other drawings that were successful in the 80s and 90s. Hence now, after Baroque , I found myself wishing to watch the drawing of Mister Orgasm,

  • a hero dear to women because he has a super power that would make many big guys out there envy: he knows what a good orgasm is and does everything for
  • women to achieve it in the best way Every woman is different and the entire path to pleasure involves her own erotic journey, with many fantastic stops
  • along the way. I keep it in my memory, study the tips and always do the field work.

Continue Reading Written byKRISNA CARVALHO / 10 COMMENTS / Tags: FARO EDITORIAL, LAUREN BLAKELY, MISTER O, ROMANCE HOTRESENHA – BIG ROCKPosted on June 21, 2017 – FARO EDITORIAL, REVIEWS, EROTIC ROMANCE BOOK SPECIALLY INDICATED FOR those who enjoy erotic romance, for those who like funny stories and full of irony. Ideal for times when we need a light reading and without

Big dramas, fast and fluid.

Hello guys! I was eager to recommend a very tasty novel for you, thankfully I read Big Rock, because the book fit like a glove for the type of reading I wanted to indicate.Continue Reading Written by GABRIELLA SANTOS / 10 COMMENTS / Tags: BIG ROCK, EROTIC, HOT, LAUREN BLAKELYRESENHA – BACK TO PLEASUREPosted on June 5, 2017 – E-BOOK, INDEPENDENT, KINDLE UNLIMITED, REVIEWS, ROMANCE EROTIC BOOK SPECIALLY INDICATED FOR THOSE WHO LIKE THE SCRIPTURE OF THE AUTHOR

  • Nana Pauvolih or would like to meet his work, for those who like erotic romance and with a mature
  • protagonist (far from the virgin girls so common in the genre). To read in those moments when we are looking
  • for a long, well-peppered and non-standard story. Hello guys! How was your weekend? Today’s review is from a book that I was unable to untie until finished.

I can say that Nana is the owner of a unique writing, she knows how to captivate her readers and make you identify with the characters at some point, establishing a bond between you and history.Continue Reading Written by ISABELLE RIBEIRO / 10 COMMENTS / Tags: BDSM , NATIONAL LITERATURE, NANA PAUVOLIH, ROMANCE ERÓTICOEVENTO – CHAT AND AUTOGRAPHY AFTERNOON WITH NANA PAUVOLIHPosted on May 7, 2017 – EDITORS, EVENTS, BOOK LAUNCH, PLANET, EROTIC ROMANCE, A SESSION ON THE SATURDAY SATURDAY super cool chat with author Nana Pauvolih.

Responsible for moving the national erotic literature market, the author launches her book Pecadora; a controversial story that has stirred the minds – and hearts – of readers. In a meeting that basically brought together women, which reinforces the idea that their books are too pleasing to readers, Nana Pauvolih talked about her latest bookThe 10 best erotic books (hot) that are classics of world literature! April 5, 2020Luiz Antonio RibeiroDestaque, Lists, Literary Matters, NewsErotic literature is a literary genre that exists from this literature.

In the Roman Empire

for example, there was the work Satiricon, by Petrônio, later adapted by Pasolini for the cinema, with several scenes of explicit sex. Throughout history, sex has remained taboo and, precisely for that reason, has always been present in all ages and stages of our society. Always seen as a “minor art” by scholars and even by the public, however, it has never ceased to be highly consumed,

  • even by people who would never assume such an achievement. Erotic literature, in addition to projecting our taboos and our secret desires, also
  • has the function of exposing our sexual side, perhaps animal, which is undermined by the everyday world of life and capital. Nota Terapia
  • made a list of the main works of erotic literature that today are classics of literature.

John Cleland’s Memories of a Prostitute (Fanny Hill), first published in 1749, this work was prevented from circulating freely due to the prejudices of the time. Nevertheless, it quickly met with great success, having been quickly translated into several languages. Perfect example of an erotic novel, “Funny Hill” reveals a fine literary style, as well as a great delicacy in the narration of the most gruesome situations.

The Romance of Lust, Author AnonymousAlparrabista – The romance of lustThe Romance of Lust, or First Experiences is a Victorian Period erotic novel published anonymously by William Simpson Potter (1805–1879) or Edward Sellon (1818–66). It narrates the story of the sexual initiations of the young Charlie Roberts.Justine, by Marques de Sade

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