May 25, 2022

Techniques of sadomasochism

She has changed her name, accent and even her face to hide her true identity and is about to reveal her past to make her secret obsession come true. Amy, Amy Author: Amy Molly Publisher: FontamarThe book tells the real story of Amy, a young woman married woman who loses her husband to cancer.

Still mourning the death of the love of her life, she decides to make the most of life, doing what all free and unimpeded women of her age do. From then on she started to live an adventure by night searching through sex, alcohol, passions. Pleasure and even physical pain the way to feel good again. Fifty Shades of PleasureAuthor: Marisa BennettEditor:

Tying the partner with a silk scarf,

Best SellerThe book covers 30 lighter , such as tapas on the butt, selling, talking obscenities in bed and having sex blindfolded. He also gives ideas of techniques to be explored, discusses sexual fantasies, indicates accessories for Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM).

  • Excerpts from the Kama Sutra and quotes from passages in classical erotic literature are also found in the guide.
  • The 100 Best Erotic Stories of Universal LiteratureOrganizer: Flávio Moreira da CostaEditor: EdiouroIn the words of
  • writer Anaïs Nin, “eroticism is one of the bases of self-knowledge, as indispensable as poetry ”. For this reason,

Flávio Moreira Costa decided to gather in this book the best seductive speeches of all time. Among the authors of erotic stories are names like Machado de Assis, Shakespeare, Hilda Hilst, among others. False Submission Author: Laura Reese Publisher: RecordChicotes, tight vinyl clothes, chains, journalist Nora Tibbs saw no sense in any of this until the brutal murder of your sister.

Obsessed with finding the criminal, Nora lets herself be guided by the mysterious M., her sister’s ex-lover, through a world of perverse erotic games, without rules or limits, discovering the most primitive desires and sensations that were previously unimaginable . Betty HerbertEditor: FontanarBased on a successful blog, the book chronicles

The experience of a woman in her early thirties,

Pablo, an intellectual man of the world, presents undulating certainties and latent violence. Casa dos Budas DitososAutor: João Ubaldo RibeiroEditor: ObjetivaO The book tells the story of a wanton lady in an unusual account, sometimes shocking, sometimes ironic and thought provoking. CLB, a 68-year-old woman, has never shied away from living the infinite possibilities of sex with pleasure and without a splash of guilt. And he recounts his stories full of lust in a corrosive mood.

who after 10 years of marriage realizes that sex is no longer as it used to be. She then proposes a pact to her husband: the two should take turns to prepare a seduction for each other each week. He takes up the challenge immediately and from there the couple discover 52 different ways to spice up the relationship, discovering new forms of pleasure and freeing themselves sexually.Luxury SoundsAuthor:

Pietro AretinoEditor: Companhia das LetrasWritten around 1525, the shamelessly erotic book gathers poems describe the universe of desire and pleasure. The translation by the poet and essayist José Paulo Paes is the first in Portuguese. This book is a true classic of erotic literature.The Lady Chatterley LoverAuthor: DH LawrenceEditor: PenguinThe book, published clandestinely in 1928 in France, is a novel that openly explores love and sex, breaking social conventions and relationships class and glorifies carnal joy.

  • He tells the story of Constance Chatterley, who shortly after her wedding sees her husband Clifford leave for war. When he returns home, he is paralyzed from
  • the legs down and ends up moving further away from the woman every day. It is from there that Constance turns to her lover Oliver Mellors, one of the
  • employees, to satisfy her overwhelming sexual desires.Beautiful DisasterAuthor: Jamie McguireEditor:

VerusThe new Abby Abernathy does not drink, speak bad language and believes that her past is definitely behind her. However, when he moves to another city with his best friend, he soon meets Travis Maddox, an attractive muscular bad boy with tattooed arms. He spends his nights making money at a wrestling club and the day seducing college girls. Intrigued by Abby’s resistance, he proposes a bet:

If he loses, he stays a month without sex,

if she loses, he spends the same period living in Travis’ apartment. However, he does not even imagine that he has met an equal opponent.Teresa PhilosopherAuthor: AnonymousEditor: L&PM EditoresThe book, one of the greatest best sellers in 18th century Europe, is the romance of the training of a young woman as innocent as she is willing to make up for all the lessons of lust and debauchery of its preceptors.

  • The authorship of the work, secret, is currently attributed to the marquis d´Argens.AmmondAuthor: NedjmaEditor:
  • ObjectiveIn Morocco in the second half of the 20th century, Badra tells the story of her life, determined not to measure words or sensations and to honor an age-old
  • tradition erotic writing arabic. For the first time, a Muslim woman dares to break the taboo of sex and silence and expresses herself freely about her intimate life.

At 50, Bandra narrates his trajectory from childhood through adolescence, married against his will to a much older man, and his escape. However, the main focus of the book is the account of his relationship with Driss, her master and executioner, a man of high society who falls in love with her, presenting her with a deeply sensual love. Bocas de Mel e FelAutora: Nilza RezendeEditora:

RecordWith a strongly aesthetic narrative in a confessional tone, Irene, a successful lawyer, reveals her overwhelming passion for Antonio, a country cousin, considered unsuitable for a woman of her level. At the same time, she also lives a relationship with Argentine Pablo, a seductive university professor with no strings attached. While Antonio, who never left the small town where he was born, offers him unconditional love and an almost canine loyalty,


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